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multi-faith, gender-affirming, spiritual resources on the web (http://www.transfaith-online.org)


The TransFaith Network is social networking community dedicated to supporting transgender and gender non-conforming folks in our pursuit of health and wholeness by nurturing the expression of diverse, gender-affirming spiritual vitality.

Here, people of all faiths and genders gather to create a world where people of diverse gender experiences are strengthened through spiritual reflection, practice, and community. Family members, friends, and allies of transgender and gender non-conforming people are encouraged to join in the conversation!

What will you find here?

  • Welcome and encouragement for those seeking spiritual community or support
  • Diverse perspectives on spiritual and religious life, with an emphasis on gender-affirming perspectives
  • Sharing about resources and opportunities to grow, connect, and deepen your journey
  • Access to transgender and gender non-conforming clergy, religious leaders, and spiritual practitioners, as well as other allies and friends

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Related Resources

Like TransFaith Online, the TransFaith Network is a project of the Interfaith Working Group.

For a clearinghouse of resources relating to transgender spirituality, check out TransFaith Online.

For information on events and gatherings, visit the TransFaith Hub.


TransFaith Network

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