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About: Community Guidelines

Observe the golden rule. "Treat others as you would like to be treated."

Everyone is welcome here. Remember, this is an multi-faith space, with people of all political stripes. We ask that all forum participants be authentic to their own spiritual journey -- and also respectful of others who may be on a very different path. Dr. Leonard Swidler's "Dialogue Decalogue" may be helpful, even regarding conversations within a single faith tradition.

Everyone is welcome here. Remember, there is really no such thing as "privacy" on the internet. Please be careful with both your own personal information and that of others.

  • Pastors: Please take special care regarding confidentiality as you seek support regarding matters of a pastoral nature.
  • Note: The "A Public Faith" section is indexed by Google (etc.) and is freely available on the internet (i.e. not just to registered users).

General rules of dialogue apply at all times (e.g. "I" statements are helpful, insults will not be tolerated, sarcasm, hyperbole and over-generalizations should be avoided). We will often be talking about issues of "ultimate concern" -- personal, political, and religious -- among a diverse community. Thus, it is essential that participants be gentle with one another. 

The Interfaith Working Group and all TransFaith features are dedicated to supporting transgender and gender non-conforming folks in our pursuit of health and wholeness by nurturing the expression of diverse, gender-affirming spiritual vitality. In pursuit of this mission, we appreciate a lively discourse, but we also reserve the right to moderate or banish participants who post in a manner that does not contribute to our overall mission of support and empowerment.

Take a deep breath and wait at least a day before you respond to a post that angers you.

The thread originator doesn't have to respond separately to every single comment they get and isn't expected to.

If your post will make a thread go off-topic, or otherwise derail what is being discussed, please start a new thread. Likewise, respect the tone of the thread: if someone has posted about a serious topic, do not joke in that thread. 

If you regularly disagree with someone, or are upset/angered by their posts, do your best to avoid or ignore them. People who routinely get into arguments a) with the same people, and b) about the same things, will be put on moderation.

Respect your moderators. In any dispute, it's their call. All moderators are in charge in all forums.

Special Thanks: The TransFaith Network guidelines are inspired by comparable documents in the My Husband Betty forum. Thanks to Helen Boyd for her candid advice during the early brainstorming stages of this effort.

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